Tip Analyze & Get High Paying Keyword Google Adsense high paying keyword

Search and find high paying google adsense keyword. To get the value of the high advertising from google adsense we should conduct research and analyze keywords before choosing and set the title of a post or article.

High paying keywords are keywords that have a value of CPC (Cost Per Click/cost-per-click) the height given by the advertiser or the Advertiser's usual call.
The value or price of a click is actually the secret of google adsense with the Advertiser, because we never know. But with the help of specific tools, high paying keyword found, after that we will analyze how high the level of competition in the search in search engines.
To find a high paying keyword can be done with some of the tools that are already popular, like SEMRush or Wordtracker, but if using both these tools we are enjoined to pay.
There is also a version for trial, however features and their use in the limit, for other alternative we can use the facilities of a proven Google to find and analyze high paying keyword.
Google Adwords keyword planner
This tool provides various data criteria for each keyword, such as competition, search volume, advertisers expect the cost per click (Adwords ads)
Not all criteria are displayed by default, but we have the choice to change the criteria.
Please read: how to use keyword planner
Analyze & Get High Paying Google Adsense Keyword
The right way to analyze this is simply to compare the keywords with one another to get the best keywords to use. If we choose a high keyword competition with higher search will get high-value advertising.
But we will lose in Google search results because these keywords are usually controlled by web/blogs that are already popular.
Why is it high paying keyword analysis important?
High paying keywords are keywords that much in fighting for, because of the value or the price is very high, in the logic of competition level became higher, because many web or blog targeted high paying keywords for Google Adsense income increase.
With the analyze and find out the level of competition, we still have the opportunity to apply the high paying keywords into an article or blog post.
Tip analyze high paying keyword
Choose keywords with low competition (medium, low) is a wise choice, because we are still able to compete in search results on search engines especially google.
We can still rely on keyword searches is high (high) course with a bigger advertising value by combining high paying keyword with a long tail keyword, because the search is more specific and targeted.
Adsense ads will comply with (keywords) high paying keyword ads that appear so that it will have a value of high CPC, when these ads on click we will automatically get a higher dollar.
But the google will also assess an article with this level of quality and relevance of the article as a whole. Although High paying keyword in use on the web/blog, the value or the price depending on the ads that appear in that article.
It could just be the ads that appear are not connected at all with the article, so that the value of kliknya.
So the sense of high paying keyword, about how to obtain and analyze in an outline, you can apply and create high paying keywords into a quality article, so it will get higher ad value in accordance with the adsense ads that appear. May be useful
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