How To List Admob Immediately Accepted

How To List Admob Immediately Accepted

How to list Admob immediately accepted – as the android developer inevitably you want to make money through an application that you create. In addition to selling applications that you create, you can also directly make money through applications that you upload are in play store. Surely such an application should be no advertising. Ad network AdMob is devoted to google's mobile device.

By signing up to the admob you can embed ad code in android applications. Later many little users application you will specify your income. Judging glance admob is similar to google adsense. Both alike belong to google and is an ad network. That distinguishes google adsense to your website/blog, while admob for android applications.

We direct to the Way list of Admob immediately accepted, I suggest you already have a gmail account:

1. Please go to click sign up

2. next, if you haven't signed in to your gmail account will appear as below, but if you only enter a password for gmail.

3. There will be a question for using gmail you or create new, select Yes, use instead.

4. Here will be on the review your data, make sure it fits. If the gmail account is already in use for a list of google adsense, it will be automatically detected. If you don't have adsense account this step may not appear.

5. Will be told to fill out the information, please isih adword appropriate locations and currencies you click continue. AdWord used if we will advertise the application.

6. We will be in  the agreement, the punctuation properly if agree checkbox option and then click the create admob account.

7. Now you will go directly to dasbord and you can already Admob directly create ad units.

For how to install admob in applications please read how to install Android in Admob's Studio

Whereas to be able to upload the application to Play store you need to be registered as a developer, if you haven't read how Google Developers Play List without a credit card

So the tutorial how to list Admob immediately accepted. Unlike the list of google adsense which must wait for the review to be accepted. For a list of our admob kan immediately accepted. Perhaps he will also like google adsense, given the still slightly admob users so it made the list.
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