Adsense blog Vs youtube Adsense

Why youtube could be more than TV? Is it because the youtube Adsense income very profitable?

Then what about the Adsense Blog? Are not profitable? Hence why many popping up the capitalization miliyarder Adsense Blog? better than the confused check out the posting on this one.
YouTube and blogs, certainly when compared to Youtube and blogs definitely have different features. As we know that youtube and blog has its own specialties. Where youtube take the role in the Video, while the Blog in writing.
Both equally have the equation, namely providing information and also gives entertainment.
But at this time I do not post will discuss about that, I wish to discuss is about Adsense between them both. The most sought after. Because making a profit, even wealth (Nb: If the rich and can monetize, aminin aja sob!).
Adsense Adsense Blogger Vs. Youtubers
YouTube or blog is equally connected to adsense, but how to get the reward is quite different. So between youtube and Blog which is superior?
For some youtubers will obviously say youtube is superior on the blog, and if asked to blogger bloggers clearly prefer a blog as a source of income.
The most famous YouTubers with his wealth is Pewdiepie. In fact, she was nicknamed the King of youtube. Pewdiepie was a famous youtubers who have the most subscribers of all youtubers (46 million more subscribers).
youtuber pewdiepie
Sendangkan for the blog could be seen several bloggers a rich Kingdom due to her blog. I can't mention the blog where it, hopefully you guys blog is blog millionaires as well.
AdSense youtube and blogs are very different. If the Blog I often see complaints of other blog friends, why my adsense is not accepted, but blah ... blah ... blah .....
Whereas on youtube is very easy to get confirmation from your Adsense account. Even within 1 day you guys can wear your Adsense account without waiting for you guys you guys changed so Pewdiepie.
Youtube Adsense Features
For most adsense feature may be very different between blogs and youtube as well. Most of the Blog using Adsense Ad is an ad that has a payment system CPC (cost per click) so you guys will be paid if those ads on the website.
Ever see the blog-the blog of downloads that use trapping as putting up banners download? but directnya it to my ad? Well it was a trap of the CPC. Hope you guys enjoy entangled in the traps of the cpc.
Just as youtube there is also the ad system using CPC, but you not able to trap views the ad presses.
Adsense system on youtube there are several types, there are about 5 different types of ads. As the sample can be seen below:
The first type of ad is a small ad that is on the right hand corner of the video, called Display Ads. This ad does not provide much of an impact on the revenue a youtubers in adsense.
Both types of ads are overlays ads. Where these ads are cpc ads like in the blog where if the audience clicks on ads this then youtubers got a little advantage of the click is done.
Types of ads to 3 rarely appeared in the videos so we skip.
For the ad to 4 where these ads are quite expensive, but dont make you guys instantly rich as rich as Bill Gates.
Skippable ads this is advertising that could be in a skip. However, these ads will give you guys money if advertising is not a skip for 30 seconds. Hmm quite difficult if it finds an audience that is not impetuous.
To the last ad that there are 2 types. Where these ads can not skip it altogether. But the chances of the emergence of nonskippable ads is very small, there are two types in the unskippable ads.
The first type is the short duration of ads. for the second type have a long duration. I do not know the exact how long, would not clear until 3 times lebaran 3 times fast. It's mah Bang Vs times.
So Which One Is Better?
Although a great many youtubers and bloggers are notable, they are notable because income from blogs and youtube.
But one thing that can be taken and grown so fine. That berkaryalah because you guys want to provide entertainment or want to educate its audiences. Not judging from the value rupiahnya or dollarnya.
Because being a novice you guys still that youtubers can't possibly instantly get plenty of money like Pewdiepie or other famous youtubers. Most of you also only given coins from as early as the beginning of adsense. The same with blogs, so keep working and search keberuntunganmu.
In essence the youtube and Adsense Blog has its advantages and disadvantages each, depending of you interested which.
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