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A blogger like you would certainly very much hope of getting the highest position in Google's search results page. But the thing is, it is not as easy to turn the Palm of the hand. That's why I try to give tips on writing the keyword in the title of which is one of the determining factors in SEO and will help raise the position of the Google search results.

From some of the tutorials on the internet which I attended, the writing of the keyword or keywords in the title of an article turns out to be one of the crucial factors to look for and consider. So you should pay attention to this problem in any article writing for blog content.

Make the title of the article containing targeted keywords

It is very important that the bot from search engines can be acquainted with good keywords you are targeting, so your post will get the priority position in Google search results. The point is not the origin of the post, but have to be clever to insert keywords in the title.

Keyword in the title

Just expresses it, that keywords that are made in the title of a post article, will very likely affect the search results. In other words, the title that is the essence of an article. So by reading the title alone we can already be an overview of the content of an article.

The application of Keywords in Writing good titles

Suppose you create an article for blog posts with the keyword "cute kittens", hence the title used to have to use those words. For example "funny kittens video". Don't underestimate this, because that was the first snippet appears in the search results.

From the results of research and observations of the experts, the keyword in the title really will be highly influential with many other supporting factors in SEO. Other supporting factors is a problem posting description that will appear in the snippet.

The writing of the keyword in the title is also an alternative way to reaffirm, if we don't have an exact match to the types of domain domain. Since the writing of the title will determine the shape of the permalink instead of the keyword in the domain.

However some SEO experts recommend that specific to the exact match domain, so as not to use the permalink with the keywords. It is recommended that the postings did not impress as a spam post.

See the following image.

Keyword in the title

That's a bit of an idea about how to put the keyword in the title of each article, so that it is easily a good ranked by search engines. Keep in mind also, that this is just one of the many factors that affect search results.

Research results SEO experts also mentioned that the posts that have the keyword in the title, it is better than not using them. There is an increase of 10 per cent more in the search results.

Great use of this trick no longer limited to just blog it, but it can also be used for Youtube. This is even as long as it is used by the youtube marketers in their video optimization, so that within a few hours of videos they can get first position search results to youtube.

A brief explanation of some terms used in this post:

SEO = Search Engine Optimization optimization process a Web page in order to get the highest ranking in the search results.
Keyword/keywords = words as you type in the search box the search engines.
Exact Match Domain = domain address containing the keyword

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