How to read the Full guidelines Report Google AdSense Youtube and Blog

Read the report Google AdSense is good for Youtube as well as AdSense is actually quite easy. Google AdSense provides a complete report plus graph display that is easy to understand. In addition we can choose for yourself how our reports are displayed.

We need in reading the report Google AdSense is painstaking to study every option is given. The formula just hit every option of choice, since it does not affect our income.

But it turns out that there are still many who have not dared to experiment AdSense Google read the report. As evidenced by the large number of new AdSense publisher that confusion  Forum AdSense Publisher Discussion. Starting from the simple question "How tertaksir revenue is still zero", "is this the are making money" to the most complex "Is how to read AdSense giman" often appears on the discussion page.

Unfortunately the question this question too often repeated reset so I was moved to write this article in order to make it easier for users of the new Google AdSense Google AdSense reports in reading. The explanation of this description will focus more on reading reports on Google AdSense ad settings and so on so forth will explain in another article.

AdSense Overview a general overview on the application and the Web

Read the report Google AdSense can be done via the Google AdSense website and through applications that are opened through a smartphone. In general the contents of his report is the same, but there are a few options that aren't available in the application and it looks quite different. In addition to the reports, you can see your balance just on Google AdSense websites, Google AdSense Application does not display Google AdSense balance.

Through the website, we can see many options ranging from setting up its advertising revenue reports. At the left sidebar we can see several options i.e. Home, My Ads, Allow & blocks ads, reports, Performance Optimization, and Settings.

On the home, you already can see summary reports you can set up reports for anytime. The blue color is a report in a particular period and the red color is the comparison with the previous period.

On the My Ads, you can set the display ads, where you display ads and more. Allow & blocks ads served to pick which ads should be shown on your account or that you will block.

These arrangements apply if you place AdSense ads on the blog, while in Youtube you can make settings in the page of Youtube. A performance report is a complete report about the performance of your ads on our blogs or Youtube.

Through the application of Google AdSense on our smartphones can only view reports only, can't do the advertising arrangements. On the part menu we can choose to view reports based on the summary, product, channel, channel URL, site, country, platforms, ad units, ad size, ad networks, ad type, the kind of targeting and offer type. Each options this will give you a complete report. While the settings menu is only to set the refresh period.

The difference Report Google AdSense Youtube and Blog

Read the report Google AdSense Youtube and blogs do have differences. This is because blogs are reporting traffic and earnings estimates daily while Youtube reported traffic every day but does not display the estimated earnings.

AdSense balance Youtube direct entry into a new balance and enter any date 12-15. Balances incoming is income from traffic last month. So your earnings from the 1st until January 31, will be entered into the AdSense balance between dates 12-15 February.

The other difference is we can't correct how many invalid clicks that are on Youtube, while on the Blog we can correct the invalid clicks. Balance from Youtube into Google AdSense will have a difference far enough with analytic displayed by Youtube. This contrasts with the income from the Blog that could've been estimated through Google AdSense.

Read The Google AdSense Reports From The Home Page

Google AdSense Homepage

On the Homepage of Google AdSense we actually already can see a summary of the development of the performance of Google AdSense that we have. At the top, we could see the development of earnings tertaksir. Here presented income tertaksir income starting from today, yesterday compared with the same day last week, compared to the last seven days seven days a week and this month with periods ago.

In addition, on the upper right side, we can see that we have balance and last payment by Google AdSense. Then below there are reports ranging from performance summary which is almost the same with an overview of the Performace Report.

Black's writing is the performance during the period we specify, while below there are the numbers in green or red. Figures in green mean an increase in the number of green compared to the previous period. Red colored numbers mean a decrease in performance occurs compared to the previous period.

The chart also provided a small graph that is a comparison between the selected period with the previous period. This greatly eases us in understanding the report Google AdSense. But the report on this homepage can only be found on the website of Google AdSense. On the application of Google AdSense is not provided the page your home page and go directly to the overview.

Read The Report From Google AdSense Performance Report

Performance report on the taskbar you will be presented with a selection of other options. The choice of these options includes My Report containing the Default Report, New Report, and Manage Report. Then displayed also Common reports, Advanced reports, and Events. This time I will explain about the Default Report, because this is the part that is most easy to read how much our income from advertising.

On the Default Report presented an overview, click, display, Active Display, engagement, Advertising and Special Sessions. We can click on any of these options and the display of the report we will be changed. We can combine multiple reports at once into graphs. There are some sections which are always out in each of the options, for instance, the earnings Tertaksir.

1. Income Tertaksir

read the Google AdSense reports
Display Google AdSense Overview
Tertaksir income is estimated our income in the past which we have specified. Earnings tertaksir this is a multiplication of the number of clicks with CPC or multiplication CTR page by page views divided a thousand or multiplication of the number of impressions with PPS Impressions divided a thousand.

The calculation should be shared because a thousand CTR Page impressions and PPS is the price per thousand impressions or page views.

On the Google AdSense Blog, earnings tertaksir will always change every happened to the movement of traffic. But on Youtube, Google AdSense income tertaksir we will always contain 0 "zero" and will never add up.

You don't need to worry, just wait until the 15th of the next month, your earnings will be included in the balance of Google AdSense. Estimates of the earnings you can see on Youtube page or calculate it yourself by multiplying like the description above.

2. Page views

Page display is the report of how many times your page is viewed by a visitor. Report this page display there is usually a difference with page views reported by Youtube or Blog. One visitor was not always a one-page display, because it could have been the one visitors see some pages or do a refresh on the same page. So it would be more worthwhile when you combine the use of statistics blog/Youtube channel with AdSense and Google analytic.

Great page display will have greater chances to display more ads. So that the level of income will also increase, regardless of how the price of ads that appear and click. In addition, many ads that require appearing only on the display on a certain minimum amount.

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3. Impressions

Impressions are the total number of times the ad is airing on channel Youtube page or our blog. Comparison of ad impressions and Pageviews vary. On the Youtube channel, one-page display can show up to some ad impressions in the video length. But in a few short video page views could be only one impression.

Comparison of ad impressions with the look of the page on the blog depends on how much we gave advertisements in a single page. In addition, ad impressions depending on the channel or visitors of our blog. Visitors using Google browser, then on AdBlocks ads will not be broadcast. This is particularly injurious because although the visitors often come to our blog or channel, would not add to earnings.

4. CTR Page

CTR is the price of advertising Pages average per thousand page views. On the Google AdSense Blog, the page CTR calculation is calculated by dividing the income tertaksir divided between pageviews. On Youtube, the Google AdSense revenue current not shown so you could reverse the formula above. We can estimate the revenue by multiplying the between CTR page by page views divided a thousand.

5.CPM Impressions

Almost the same as the CPM page, Display advertising is the price PPS average per thousand ad impressions. Calculation of PPS Impressions is calculated by dividing the income is divided between tertaksir ad impressions. Google AdSense in Youtube, we can estimate the revenue by multiplying the tertaksir between the PPS impressions with ad impressions divided a thousand. While on the Google AdSense Blog all been aired every day.

P.P.S Impressions indicate that the high average price of ads broadcast in our pages is quite high. The price of each ad is determined by the CPC, but to look at the effectiveness of ad impressions can be seen from the PPS impressions.

6. Click

read the google adsense reports
Performance report Google AdSense
Click is a report showing how many times the ads served on our blog in the channel or click by a visitor. On his blog, the number of clicks it which became a source of income for bloggers. While on the Youtube channel, click it doesn't necessarily mean the number of times ads on clicks by visitors. However it also includes how many ads are on watch until ad impressions.

I suggest do not do click on ads on the channel or your own blog. Although significantly to increase traffic, but this action is dangerous. This action is considered by Google as a violation and you could be kicked out of Google AdSense membership.

7. CPC

The CPC is the ad price average per one-click advertising. The magnitude of the value of the CPC strongly depends from broadcast ads on the Blog or Youtube Channel. Which affect the value or the price of CPC ads this is blog traffic/channel, keyword-targeted, country audience, ad size and type of advertising.

We can see the estimated price ads from Keyword Google Adwors Planner, in addition can also in other wibssite website provides keyword planner. You can target your keywords then see approximate pricing competition and keyword.

8. CTR

Click the clickthrough ratio is a comparison between the click with page display ad impressions or multiplied by one hundred percent. The higher the click then the CTR will be higher. Many mention that the normal limit is 10% CTR, if higher than that then affected risk warnings from Google.

Actually not forever this limit applies, as long as the click is a click, organic architecture. Instead of actions the actions that violate the Community guidelines and policies of Google. But of course we seek CTR don't get too high, the trick is mengurangin intensity and density of the ad in the page.

read the google adsense reports
Details of the traffic and revenue per day
9. Active Display can be seen

Active display can be seen is the comparison between the

impressions are seen compared to the total impressions are measurable. Each bar has its own active display themselves in accordance with the report of what is displayed. This report counts only ad impressions for AdSense for content, AdSense for video and regular games. Data darin link or dynamic allocation is not included in the calculation.

10. Time Look Average

Time is the average time seen average ad appears in a page, or channel. The ads are considered visible when 50% pixels or 50% of the size of the ad is visible in the display. In addition advertising is deemed visible if seen on the screen for at least one second. Time seen this average indicates how long a visitor is on a page that shows the ad.

How to read the full guidelines report Google AdSense is only limited on how to read the performance report. Because the most much needed and sought after by new publisher is the issue. Especially for the Youtube AdSense publisher, because the average user is really just getting started.

As for publisher AdSense blog I consider average already understand about AdSense, because it takes the process enough panjaang to be accepted as a publisher so that have learned from experience.

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