Easy way to register for google adsense through youtube

Please refer to the article the easiest way to register a Google Adsense account below.

One Gmail account for all

One Gmail account just for all, so the question of difficult becomes easy because only with 1 Gmail account, we can already sign up all.

That's what's special about Google, so we don't make hard for creating email account creation stage again until the AdSense.

Because of all of his belonging to Google, just have to through the process stages in the registration. So it must be in the correct email and remember password if need be recorded and stored.

Why should through Youtube?

This way is most easily accepted than signing up an account through Google Adsense blog spot (blog), which have to go through stages of review posts. That obviously we have to prepare your article or blog that it's been worth it. (not beta)

Well, we immediately prepare the stage the stage of signing up your Adsense account via youtube

Stage 1
Register email Google, here I will not explain how to create a Gmail account because I think it is not too difficult to create a Gmail account. For those who already have a Gmail account, go straight to stage 2.

Stage 2
Sign in to Youtube, please go to the Youtube page (with Gmail you) upload videos you already prepare before, try the video you made the original. To ease the process and do not wear the background songs that infringe the copyrights of others.

Stage 3
Account settings, verify your youtube account in advance, usually using your mobile phone number. Next, do the process in accordance with the picture below.

list of AdSense youtube
Click image to enlarge
Image no. 1
1. Click on the creator studio, which is located in your profile picture
2. click the channel-the status and features of
3. The monetization, click Enable.

Next, follow the instructions appropriate pictures, no. 2, no. 3, no. 4 and no. 5

Account type: Individual

Next enter the name of the payee with the following full address, on this very important section!!, write the address corresponds to your identity. Adjust with the address that is on your ID CARD (enter home number). When you are finished, click submit my application.

Why should fill corresponding address ID? Because of Google will send you a PIN via postal mail (not email) to your home if your balance later in the verge already limits, to verify your address. So please note carefully.

Since many cases, create an account Google Adsense with addresses that are not clear, make the delivery PIN from Google are delayed or do not get to the intended address, this will be detrimental to your own at a later date.

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So how to make a Google Adsense account via Youtube, after the process is complete (Figure 5) you will be asked to verify your account with your new Google Adsense through a mobile number.

After that just wait for approval from the Google AdSense, a length of time usually 1 – 7 days or maybe more, depending on the policies of Google AdSense.

But the experience already, in less than 3 days already directly approved (approved). So diligent diligently only check your email.


This Adsense account applies only to Youtube, to be able to show ads on the blog then it should increase your Adsense account status (upgrades) using my own domain name (Domain TLD).

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