easy tips your youtube video up to the trending

Tips so that Youtube Video you Rank 1 – you guys are a Youtubers? Well exactly once. Since posting this time will discuss how the heck how to make a Youtube video of you being number one in search of Youtube.

Yes search Youtube.

"Can indeed kak?"



Hmm still on the confused? We directly into the scene.

So one rank in searches yuk

As a clear position of Youtubers Youtube video searches is generated into a vital thing that should not be on ignore.  dont? What among YouTubers who read this article are still ignoring the position of content in the search?

If Yes. Well you have to change the way sites related to ya sob. Why? Obviously important.if you've made a nice content ehh suddenly content you ignore.

Hummm come on penance. Don't keep the Canal so reuploaded Yes. Don't either. Create original content although mending simple though. Not a problem really.

Indeed not many Youtubers newbies who know this. Most I meet them simply creating content and then upload and share. But they ignore some of the things that are actually very important and very giving.

Get To Know SEO Youtube

Youtube video
Same is the case with the blog, you surely know that his name is SEO. Here's the kicker . SEO blog and Youtube are not much different from kok. If you do not know what is SEO then learn used to be Yes.

Please read – read the articles on SEO Click Mania. Many kok. Why should read? Because with you understand the concept of SEO it's obviously going to make things easier you guys in eksperiment later. So you guys no headache dizziness. Are there in fact end – end retired from the world of Youtube again.

Okay make that male open or explore. I will explain a little bit about SEO. So buddy did not seek it first. So this is a short, remember to keep his SEO article should read Yes. Let you guys getting familiar.

Short course. so that is the SEO Search Engine Optimization. Already that's it. Was the brief not my explanation? I told you the explanation short. Yes it is short right? Yes already.

So it's actually a SEO search engine. So the words we can be detected by search engines. Well how  way so that our words can be detected by a machine? Wait! Relaxed. Later I will discuss. Quiet.

Note the keywords

If you guys creator Youtube no stranger right in the upload video? Obvious lah. Before the videos published for sure through the process of uploading. Well on upload there is such thing as column headings and Tags.

This is the key to SEO Youtube, where the later fate of the Youtube video you guys rank is determined from this second. That is the title and tag the video you guys

The title and tags it is important

Youtube video
How Can?

Yes it can. Right from his Youtube indeed in design as it is. (hmmm a very weighted answer isn't it?)

No! Because SEO it will detect a variety of words that relate to the sentence on the Blackboard user when searching. Therefore sometimes when we are looking for a video that is generally still a little every so often out of content to approach the things we search for it.

True or not?

True right? Going right if the search keywords you guys are right and it is common. For example how to make a kite. There  on Youtube. At least if there are no tutorials were made. YouTube will definitely give us a video related to swallowing – swallow.

Different case if PAL did a search related to the absurd thing where only God and friend who understand. For example "how to splice fish betta with locust leaves" or "how to copulate with a dolphin dolphins betta fish bottle" may come out.

The existing  even Youtube videos later psychological therapy. Because it seemed a much needed for a people who do to make ends meet as the two above.

So it should be at the controls also sentence you wrote for search. Do not give a sentence at will. Anyways a little discharge of opportunities too. Unless there is a mas-mas salesman Hickey who willingly into the forest to search for locusts and attempting to fix them. Duh.

The number of View determines Rank?

View? 'Ve understand how to find the right video Yotube viewers that much? Yet? Here's how easy. Simply copy the link you guys and share to my friend.

contents are just promotional video "on watch new video ya bro ...
Inggris     Italia Indonesia
We need new innovations bro sis to enhance the view. Although it is indeed an easy way promotioms Yes it is. What's come? Yes it is! Past promotional chat and others – other. But sometimes it's also annoying sob.

It could be if people who create chat PAL promotional ngeblok directly. Whoa! The chaotic circumstance. If that's not what the heck former chat ya sob. Want to Flash ngeblock is also not a problem. Kan is indeed appropriate that former in block let dont  again. Whoa.

Another way might be a longer way click trending Temple. Wow what ?Later I discuss individually with tricky.

Advanced ...

If anyone asks "Bang view video determines rank not?" is clearly defining. But not of accuracy make the title and tag you. Although there are indeed some videos with a view always second in position to cede over Youtube.

Indeed. It also can you guys see in making a content.  you guys pay attention to the year of production when. Usually, the top positions of the video always have a goodly long time vulnerable.

Although there are also some videos to be said new direct ride position above search Youtube. Indeed there are. I said the number of views also did not cover the possibility of the video you guys the first positions.

Channel verified dominate the rank one

Clear! Why? Wow, Youtube don't keep that artist's fair up became the first rank. The new children who recently began his career on Youtube when rising? We also need money om. We need a subscriber. So until we do the subs for subs om. Let me ride subscriber.

Do not play judge carelessly. Youtube did not help the account verified to occupy the first position. Keep who made them sit in the first position in the livelihood of Youtube? Whom hay?

The answer is them.

Wah nih cheaters. Account account verified so admin Youtube eh?! I mean they raise themselves because of their versatility and experience respectively. Therefore I give this article to all my friend.


Let all PAL who wants to start a career or are already but stuck continued to be the more advanced.

Never to be outdone dong with those already at the top. True or not? Clear dong. Should be optimistic with a career that has already made its own.

Notable YouTubers have myriad experiences

It's been no secret to those who have a name for entry to Youtube at  first. This is caused by their cleverness in the processing channel.

Know ye that the famous youtubers  also learned from scratch. They are not original derivation in creating content primarily with technical upload Youtube videos.

An awful lot of Youtube video SEO can help you guys in raising the video you guys became of the first rank.

This famous Youtubers and also certainly learn from the base. Therefore often hold events on Youtube sharing. Where creators gathered to provide ideas or new tricks to increase their channel.

From there, the youtubers also learned. The more learned then channel the better. Can you guys see the point of view of the creator in creating content? Sometimes there are several Youtubers who make content-based events that heat again.

Thus many video reaction is popping up on Youtube. This is because they are also looking for a view to raising their channel. In fact, its primary purpose is to make known the person in advance. Problems like it or not, the important advertising already rotated. Hehehe.

Although there is also the Youtubers use content consistently. It could also lift the channel. Depending on the wishes of Youtubers. Can not all Youtubers are forced to follow the trend of a Youtube video that is currently there?

Remember the charm of Youtubers are also important loh, charm it as typical of Youtubers. Then very different if we see charm Chandra Liaw and also Reza Arap Octavian. Obviously different. In terms of content alone is very different.

How to learn SEO for Youtube videos?

Probably from the words above Y'all be motivated like where the hell is learning good SEO for Youtube videos?

Lots of ways to learn SEO. Not only by sharing but you guys can also learn through the media that already exists as I said before.

In the easiest is sharing directly with Youtubers who have already experienced. So it can be queried directly without spending a lot of time. But the problem is not all youtube would understand this.

So that closes the possibilities a bit difficult to find the proper sharing of the container. This is why Youtube sharing in specific areas like the capital where his experience YouTubers calling has indeed in admit.

Make you guys that still Trouble in finding a way. 2. because the media are the most simple is the internet. You can browse in google how to make Youtube a good SEO.

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