4 the easiest niche blog received adsense

Niche blogs are expensive – To the bloggers who play in the realm of adsense, certainly get the high Adsense earning is ideal. Great high Adsense revenue alone is very dependent with high low CPC (Cost Per Click) your blog. The higher the CPC from your blog, then your blog's potential to generate dollar will also be increasing.

With regard to high-low CPC this blog itself, there are many things that affected him and one of the factors which affected it is the niche of your blog. In the development of his own blog, choose a niche blog with the right would affect the popularity and traffic of your blog.

In addition, the niche blog you choose also affects the price click advertising offered by Google Adsense.

According to some sources, it is known that some niche blogs tend to be getting a price quote ads are higher compared to another niche. The question is, what niche blog "that his ads are paid handsomely by Google AdSense"?. Here is the answer:

Online business

The choice of the first niche blog is getting high priced advertising deals is a blog theme/niche about online business. The topic of an online business can be said to be one of the very popular topics in cyberspace.

There are an awful lot of publisher or advertiser who uses the services of Google services or products to promote their online business. Call it a few of them is trading forex, internet services marketing, Facebook marketing, and others. Things that might be the backdrop of why price quote ads for this niche is quite high.


A selection of other niche blogs is also a bold advertising prices paid handsomely by the Google Adsense is a property business. Business development/business is very rapid indeed, this proved a lot and incessant advertising about advertising properties, both in electronic media, both print and online.

If you want to register your blog for Adsense, then build a blog which discusses the property business is one of the options is right for you. Generally, the publisher/party Google Adsense will pay dearly for advertising properties that were installed on the blog with the same niche.


Other niche blogs very sharply potential CPC blog aka generally have a price quote on expensive advertising is automotive. The automotive niche can be said as the topic with the reach of the market/a very wide audience, not just for Indonesia market but also world market.

In addition, the advertiser who uses or working with a Google Adsense largely comes from the automotive field or domain. This makes the price quote from automotive ads on blogs in the same niche with "automobile" is quite high. Generally, a specific niche that was often taken by a lot of bloggers is a niche car product reviews regarding, for example, a review of Honda, Subaru, and another review.

Fashion and beauty

Fashion and beauty are another niche blog you can choose if wants to get paid advertising from Google AdSense. For the Indonesian market, niche about fashion and beauty can be said is that one of the most popular.

Is quite a lot of beauty or apparel products advertiser that works with Google AdSense to help step up their promotions. Generally, blogs that discuss about this niche blog "fashion and beauty" will be paid by the higher adsense.

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